Applying Our Liquid Products

At Natural Living Gardens, we are committed to providing you with simple and effective solutions for your lawn, plants, and garden. Applying our liquid products is a straightforward process that allows you to nourish your outdoor space easily. This page serves as a guide to help you apply our natural and organic products correctly.

Application Rate:

  • Application rate: 4ml per square meter (m2).
  • Lawn Areas of 100m2 requires 400ml of product
  • Lawn Areas of 125m2 requires 500ml of product
  • Lawn areas of 150m2 requires 600ml of product
  • Lawn Areas of 250m2 requires 1ltr of product
  • Veg / flower Areas of 25m2 requires 100ml of product
  • Veg / flower Areas of 50m2 requires 200ml of product
  • 1ltr watering can, Add 9ml of product
  • 5ltr watering can, Add 45ml of product

Step 1: Unpacking
Once you've received your parcel, open it up and take out the applicator box. Inside you'll find the applicator top, applicator bottle and a pick-up straw. Insert the pick-up straw into the bottom of the applicator top.

Step 2: Preparing the Product,
Pour the required amount of our product into the applicator bottle. For most living lawns products, we recommend using 4ml of product per square meter.

Step 3: Attaching the Applicator,
Screw the bottle tightly onto the applicator top. Making sure it's secure.

Step 4: Connecting to the Hose,
Attach the applicator to your hose pipe using the quick-release fitting at the end of your hose. Ensure it is firmly connected.

Step 5: Switches on the Applicator,
On the applicator, you'll find two switches. Switch 1, located closest to the hose end, controls the water flow (ON/OFF). Switch 2, located above the applicator bottle, controls the product flow (ON/OFF).

Step 6: Initial Watering,
Before applying the product, we recommend giving your required area a light watering. This helps prepare the ground.

Step 7: Activating the Product Flow,
After the initial watering, use switch 2 (above the applicator bottle) to turn the product flow to the open position. As you do this, you'll notice a slight change in the water's color, indicating that the product is flowing as it should.

Step 8: Applying the Product,
The goal is to evenly apply the product over the required area until no product is left in the bottle. Move the applicator in a sweeping motion, covering the entire area. Take your time to ensure even coverage.

Step 9: Over-application
Remember, over-application will not harm or damage the area, but it may result in unnecessary use of the product. Apply according to the recommended amount for best results.

Step 10: Cleaning the Applicator
After use, rinse the applicator thoroughly with clean water to remove any residue. This helps maintain the effectiveness of the product and ensures it's ready for future use.

Step 11: Regular Application
Repeat the process on a weekly or fortnightly basis, depending on the needs of your required area. Consistent application will help maintain the health and beauty of your Garden

Applying our liquid products is a simple process that enables you to enhance the health and vitality of your lawn, plants, and garden. By following these instructions, you can achieve remarkable results with our natural and organic solutions. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please reach out to our customer support team.